Here’s the “What”

Stores should offer gift bags that are a solid color on the outside and then company branded on the inside. Each gift bag comes with a piece of celebratory tissue paper of the customers choice (birthday, anniversary, new baby, graduation, etc.). The price point on these should be around $2-3. If the profit margin allows it – $1!

Here’s the “Why”

The customer gets a gift bag that fits the occasion. The store gets their branding represented. PLUS, most gift bags get reused so the advertising continues.

Why should Hallmark get all the credit for the gift bought at Dillard’s?

Why should the customer have to leave your store and go into another store to purchase the gift wrapping accessories?

I know what you are thinking – some stores already do this.  BUT, they offer bags that are branded on the outside.  In that instance, I usually take the bag out of the store bag and put it in a gift bag.  If it is from a jewelry or lingerie store – keeping it in the bag gives away the surprise of the gift.  There’s no fun it that!

Here’s the “Where”

At every register!  Don’t make me run around the store looking for a bag.  Don’t tell me when you are ringing me up that the gift bags are in a different department.  In fact, ask me if my purchase is a gift and if I say it is – sell me on a gift bag.

Will this replace the Gift Wrap service offered by the store?

I don’t think it will.  The gift wrap available in most stores is usually either seasonal or it is pricey and event specific.  If I am buying a wedding gift – I most likely will pay the extra money to have it done by the store.  That said: you’ve got three gift buying profiles to consider.

Profile #1: Wants the fancy wrapping and is willing to pay $6 for you to wrap it

A simple bag and tissue will not be enough. Only if this individual is in a hurry will they not have you wrap it. In reality, if they were in a hurry – they will skip out on the wrapping if you offer gift bags or not.

Profile #2: Wants the fancy wrapping but settles for less because he/she is not willing to pay $6 for you to wrap it

You will gain an up-sell with this individual. They will not pay for the elaborate wrapping any way.

Profile #3 : Doesn’t wrap gifts at all

You may gain an up-sell opportunity with this individual out of sheer convenience.

So…  Kohl’s, Dillard’s, Belk, Macy’s, Nordstrom and everyone else – take my advice and offer gift bags for purchase at your registers.

You can thank me later.


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