Charlotte, NC
Marketing Director

As the Marketing Director, I lead a ten member team consisting of a graphic design department, copywriters, web designers, email marketing, e-commerce and SEO. In addition to general marketing, we also assisted the production team with live video productions and incorporating the resulting DR Spots, Social Videos, Motion Graphics, and other elements across all media platforms. The team that I lead was responsible for brand creation and implementation, new product development, graphics for television (lower thirds, stills, bugs, social integration). I was also responsible for deadline determination and follow through as well as time/billings.

Shelby, NC
Social Media Coordinator

At Hallelujah Acres, I liked to think of myself as a Social Media Marketing, ROI Proving, Vegan Promoting – Rock Star! Technically, my job description was the creation and implementation of marketing strategies through Social Media and the proving of the same through analytical data. Rock Star sounded so much cooler…

Hendersonville, NC
Marketing & Social Media Promotion

While at Hudson Media Concepts, we were the first to place a QR Code on a CD cover. This simple concept is one that often gets overlooked. This provided the consumer with a way to hear the music before purchasing it. This is especially convenient when the product is placed in stores that do not offer a listening kiosk.

Charlotte, NC
Radio Promoter

Radio Promotion | Artist and Company Marketing

While at Showcase Media & Management, I had 8 out of 12 number one songs in a year, resulting in receiving the SGMA Award for “Radio Promoter of the Year” in 1999. I was the only Independent Radio Promoter ever honored with this award.


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