Why is Laura the Bald Marketer?

It’s not just about Marketing with Laura Hudson. Due to childhood illness, Laura has been completely bald since she was nine years old. Laura’s hair loss is due to Alopecia Universalis, an auto-immune disorder for which there is no cure. Growing up, Laura was constantly teased and tormented at school, had few friends and was told that she would never amount to very much. Fearing rejection, she hid the fact that she wore a wig for fifteen years, even as an adult.

Not anymore!

In the last few years, she made the decision to boldly embrace her difference and created her entire branding around it. Laura Hudson is the co-creator of Women Behaving Baldly and an advocate for the Children’s Alopecia Project.

In addition to working full-time in the Marketing Industry, she travels performing speaking engagements at Churches, Universities and Conferences incorporating both life and comedy into her events.