“I want to change the world!”

It’s the answer I always get when I ask students why they want to work in Marketing.

change the world with marketingReally?  One after another with the same answer.  No one can ever tell me how they are going to change it (except one young lady who wanted to change the world by changing the objectification of women in marketing – at least she had an answer).

Here’s the thing.

N0 – you are not going to change “the world” with marketing unless you market the cure for Cancer.  Although technically, you didn’t change the world, the scientist that discovered the cure did – you merely distributed the message.

However, you can change his world, her world, their world, YOUR world.

Let’s imagine that my client is a cell phone provider who gives back to the community.  Let’s say for every dollar spent, they donate a dollar towards a child’s education.  The more effectively I market that product, the better chance some child has for a future. I have changed that child’s world.

If my company works on the campaign for a car manufacturer that builds affordable, reliable transportation with a rock solid warranty and a person with limited means buys that car.  When that person, after seeing my marketing efforts, chooses that vehicle above a less reliable one, I have changed that person’s world.

When I work with my team and create a graphic or commercial that brings a smile to someone’s face, I change that person’s world for a moment.  If my marketing campaign tells a story that takes a widowed woman back in her memories to a place she once loved, I have changed her world for the better.  If my piece changes one mind to cease viewing the world in a selfish or racist way, I have changed the world for the person on the other side of that point of view.

You CAN change the world, you just have to begin everything you do with that mind.  Everyone has a story, reach them.

I am a Marketer and I change my world daily.


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