It was a big day for me!  Today, I rode the World’s Tallest and Fastest Giga-Coaster, Fury 325 at Carowinds in Charlotte, NC.  That might not mean much to most, but to me… it’s a really big deal!

I’ll rewind a little to my childhood years…

I’ve been to many Amusements Parks over the years, include Disney and Universal, Carowinds and the Myrtle Beach Pavilion.  I even went to Six Flags once.  All of these visits have one thing in common – a wig.  I was careful on what rides I would dare ride in fear that my wig would fly off. I would walk around those parks itching and suffocating from the wig!

I went to Disney in December of 2013 and left the wig at the condo.  I rode lots of rides but let my fear get the best of me when it came to the real roller coasters.

That was not going to happen again.  Today, along with other members of the Greater Charlotte Tourism and Hospitality
Alliance I decided, “Go big or go home!”

Were we afraid?  Terrified!

Did we almost chicken out?  Of course!

Are we glad we decided to man up and ride?  Absolutely!

If you find yourself in Charlotte, go by and take a ride on Fury 325.  Just don’t close your eyes.

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