A Marketing Professional with MAD social skills!

As the Interim Marketing Director of C.A. Short Company, I am building the Marketing Team to rival all Marketing Teams!

Previously, as the Marketing Director for Aviv Moon Productions, I implemented and trained my staff in the creation of automated program marketing, e-commerce/CRM software integration, and new product development (including brand development in general).

One way that I have instilled a high morale and company loyalty within my staff is by leading with a motto that is, “A good idea is a good idea, it doesn’t have to be mine.” I believe in giving credit where credit is due and when a team member fails – the responsiblity is on me as the leader. I view mistakes by my staff as a learning experience – the first time it is made that is.


I coined the marketing term “unexpecting demographic.” (Speaking your own language and making up words off the cuff pays off sometimes.) Best described as when you purposely reach an audience that does not fit within your demographic and does not see it coming! It’s marketing magic!!!


Turning “friends” into customers!